WBHRB Dental Surgeons & Medical Technologists Re-scheduled Interview Dates

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WBHRB has announced new Interview dates for Dental Surgeons and Medical Technologists, Doctors and Technologists selected for those posts, can attend the interview as per the new proposed schedule.

Reason: General Elections to Legislative Assemblies

WBHRB Dental Surgeons Re Scheduled Interview Dates

For dental surgeons, the interview date originally said was 04-April-2016, where as the new date is 02-May-2016.

WBHRB Medical Technologists Re Scheduled Interview Dates

For Medical Technologists,

1. Dated original interview 11-04-2016 will be on 03-May-2016

2. Dated original interview 21-04-2016 will be on 04-May-2016

3. Dated original interview 25-04-2016 will be on 06-May-2016

Selected doctors, downloaded call letters with the original schedule dates will be accepted on the re scheduled date.

Hiring Orgnization: WBHRB

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