How STCR Helped Us To Increase Visitors ?

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WordPress’s popular comment subscription plugin STCR (Subscribe To Comments Reloaded) is the best plugin we have come across for keeping our users engaged. It simple works out of the box with minimal settings on the STCR admin screen.

STCR Comment Subscription Plugin

Though many websites use third party tools like disqus to handle the comments part, there are few reasons for me to avoid such dependencies. Instead, I have used STCR comment subscription plugin.


I am only listing few important things about it, there are bunch of options for this plugin, you just have to try it to know more about them.

Admins can make users to confirm email before they subscribe
This allows us to make sure that we are not sending emails to random addresses.

Customize messages
You can customize the messages using HTML editors for all different varieties of email messages plugin sends, eg: Messages below the comment form, email messages sent to subscriber, email messages sent to author etc.

Manage Subscribers
You can see all the subscribers and corresponding comments to which they have subscribed on the admin page. You can delete subscriber, suspend subscription etc.


They have chosen git-hub platform as issue tracker and which made easy for me to report bugs or feature request. Their support is awesome.


Users have thanked us many times when I replied for their questions. Simple “Thank You” search on comments page have listed many, pasting the screenshot of couple of messages.


Hope, I have got what you are looking for. Now, go ahead and try it out.

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