Chandigarh 360 degree Photo International Yoga Day 2016

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On the occasion of Inaugural Ceremony of International Day of Yoga 2016, Chandigarh has launched a 360° photo for the first time in India. Earlier couple of days back facebook founder Mark has released 360° photo of Supreme Court of the United States and World Trade Centre. But in India this has happened for the first time.

Chandigarh 360 Degree Photos

What is it ? Well, it is a photo which you can see 360° around that point by touching it. Saying that, you don’t need a touch screen or a smart photo to experience it. You can get the feel even on your normal computer(desktop) also.

Below are the some of the 360° (degree) photos I have found on the facebook page of Chandigarh.

1. Chandigarh Parade Ground 360° View

2. Swami Ramadev in 360° Photo at Hyatt Regency in Chandigarh,

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